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“In three words I can sum up everything

Catwalk experience: 

Runway Jonathan Christopher Homme (Mercedes-Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week)

Runway Saskia Fell (Amsterdam Fashion Institute AMFI)

Runway House of Byfield (Fashion over Style)

Runway House of Byfield (White Dreams Fashion Show)

Runway Boston Trader, TheHague

Runway Bellalinda Fashion Couture

Runway Paradiso Fashion, TheHague

Runway Rosie's Art

Runway RRdR Fashionshow

Runway House of Byfield (Gabon Fashion Week, Africa)

Runway Imepa Design (Gabon Fashion Week, Africa)

Runway Roberto Dresia

Runway Sepehr Maghsoudi (Amsterdam Fashion Week, Netherlands)

Runway Anna Grigorian Couture (Amsterdam Fashion Week, Netherlands)

Runway Vincent Burger Design

Runway Suneth Stapelbroek



Aerolite Magazine, US

IDEM Magazine, US

Ondine Magazine, Ireland

Tiara Magazine, US

Obscurae Magazine, US

Fashion GUN Magazine, Amsterdam, London, New York

Where We Stand Magazine, US

"Uit de kast"  book by Roy Faber, The Netherlands

Dark Beauty Magazine, US

Noyse Magazine, Costa Rica

Billboard Avenue Magazine, Scandinavia

Nirvana Magazine, Jamaica

Ferry Menly Magazine, The Netherlands

Cover of GayMap Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Cover GayNews, The Netherlands

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